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      Repaint Requests   04/30/2020

      Hi fellow simmers, it’s Kooka here, due to unforeseen circumstances I at present do not have a PC, I managed to spill H2O on the motherboard which fried naturally and singed the graphics card, and other components. Yep I feel like a right Wally. I have tried to get replacements but it seems like my system is now outdated and I have to invest in a new setup. So unfortunately I will not be doing any repaints till further notice. 
        I’m  sorry for this inconvenience. As we all know, replacing just one component can be expensive, let alone a whole system.   I hope to be back later this year.   Kindest Regards Kooka


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About Me

Hi my name is Kooka’s, I used to be a Chef by trade, now I’m my wife’s carer.

My interest in flight simulator began with FSX and now has progressed to P3D.

I am a self taught webmaster and own this forum as well as the domain its parked in, whilst flying in FSX, I decided to try my hand at repainting livery’s and brought Photoshop and went from there.

Most of Repaints that will be hosted on this forum are mine and Members if they wish.

I hope you ‘N’Joy this site.

Kindest regards