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  2. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Hi Nashy, that’s just Awesome mate ill convert a couple more for you as well if you would like particularly this one
  3. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Works perfectly thanks for the help Kooka
  4. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Hi Nashy, let me know how this goes!!! texture.raaf_A97-441.rar
  5. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Hi Nashy, the cockpit textures I never touched except the one that’s showing. It seems to me that the plane is not doing a callback on the common textures. The other ones in the light grey are not correct. Give me a day or two and I’ll do a conversion of my own for you, I just have to find the original files first. Hopefully by the weekend we’ll have it flying. 😜 regards Kooka
  6. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Here are the screenshots of it
  7. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    okay! Can you send me a screenshot, sometimes the alpha part of the textures need to be plain white, or the file name is incorrect, to change the alpha channel yo need to open the texture in the image converter and in the top right corner is the alpha channel. The are some icons right below the little picture, one will say change the alpha, click and select white. Save file. If the file name is incorrect just check with existing textures and adjust accordingly cheers Kooka PS I don’t have FSX installed anymore, I even think I sent the disc to the local tip lol, so I can’t check myself.
  8. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Thanks Kooka it the file converter worked just need a hand on fixing the parts on the aircraft that are black while others have coulour thanks
  9. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Hi Nash, in answer to your question I’ve rebuilt my PC. But I have retired from repainting, as the hobby is to expensive to keep up with. To explain you not only have to own the sims, eg FSX, P3D, MSFS, DCS, but also the latest models. VRS, PMDG, the list is endless. I’m 63 years old and I feel that the time is right for me to give it away. Kooka’s Repaints will always be available, I have no plans on shutting it down. Now I’m not sure but I think the Captain Sim repaints will work in FSX if you change the formate of the .dds files to 32bit.bmp. You can use a image converter which you can find here download the latest version, it is user friendly. I hope this helps. kindest regards Kooka
  10. Welcome to Kooka’s Repaints

    Hi Kooka are you back up and running after your H2O incident if so could you please do a RAAF C-130J texture for the Captain Sim C-130 but for FSX instead of P3D thanks.
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  12. PMDG P8A Poseidon - A47-003

    The number written on the front wheel door is the opposite.
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